This unique book display system features an adjustable and self-locking book support (aka. bookend) system, comprising a pair of thin metal posts, each attached to a metal base which slides in a slot. They are manually adjusted and self-locking when moved into contact with the books. These unique bookshelves are perfect for displaying books in libraries, bookstores, residential and commercial spaces. They can incorporated into everything from a single floating shelf to an elaborate custom bookcase. They will change how you think about bookshelves.

Easy to Use

  • The motion of the book support being slid against the book is all that is required to secure the book support firmly in position.

Display Flexibility

  • Books can be held in orientations other than 90deg/right angles to the front edge allowing for display options not available with flat plate bookends creating an artful display of books.
  • The small diameter of the post makes a very discreet presentation and has very little impact on the visibility of the cover.
  • At the users’ discretion, certain books could be displayed more prominently on the shelf with the front cover facing toward the user. (image 01, 02, 05, 06)
  • This system can be used in curved slots in curved shelves. (image 01, 02, 03, 05)
  • Enormous space saving because the slim book support post allows for maximum number of books displayed on the shelf. (image 07)

Surface Material Flexibility

  • The shelf’s top can have a surface overlay for purely aesthetic effect. This could be applied when the shelf is initially built, or added after the shelf is installed. Designers can specify their preferred finish for the shelf. This could include wood species, stone (marble, slate, tiles…), concrete, plastic etc. All that is required is a slot open for the book support to slide along the slot. (image 08)

Design Flexibility

  • Designers have endless flexibility in creating unique displays with either open ended and closed end display shelves.
  • Free standing pedestals for prominent displays are possible. (image 08)
  • Supports can be added or removed from the shelf at any time.
  • Supports can be slid into the slot from the ends. Books can then be positioned anywhere along the base and very close the shelf end. (image 04, 07)
  • Supports can be inserted into and removed from the shelf slot using the bookshelf board access hole allowing for book supports to be inserted into and removed when the bookshelf board end slot isn’t accessible, as in a bookcase. (image 03)