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We Create Textured Millwork

Consistently Creative Finishes You Can Spec

Our innovative processes create reapeatable, consistent and cost effective textures that, while machine made, reflect the hand of the maker and still remain artistic and customizable. 

Barker Manufacturing has been creating rich, textured architectural finishes for over 30 years. Our work has been featured in fine homes, buildings, museums and magazines around the world.

These alluring, timeless and sophisticated carvings are specified by talented designers and architects calling for eye-catching surfaces that require everything from handsome restraint to heart-stopping fabulous.

Creating these rhythmical textured surfaces in an artistic, yet repeatable, manner has become a passion, our strength, core competence and competitive advantage.

Working closely with innovative designers and architects, listening to their input and responding with original solutions, has allowed us to create a unique line of textured millwork that we feel is unparalleled in the market today.     

Custom orders are routine.

We love hearing from architects, designers and builders. Sample packs that are available for free to industry professionals and we will custom tailor a selection just for you. Please request custom samples of any products you would like to see in person.

Barker Manufacturing has been creating rich, luxurious textured finishes for high-end developments and renovation projects in Victoria, BC and across North America for over 30 years.

Textured surfaces tempt us to touch and allow our senses to interpret the organic composition of the materials.  At Barker Manufacturing, replicating these textured surfaces has become a passion.

Barker Manufacturing has created stunning, luxurious, textured finishes for high-end projects in Victoria, BC, all across North America and indeed the world. The warmth that texture introduces to a room or structure can not be matched. It lends a sense of elegance and richness wherever it is applied, charming all who experience it. See how we can help you add the finishing touches to your next project.