In addition to the textures we have developed, Barker Manufacturing also replicates existing textures for building additions or renovations, and we can create new textures to meet any project requirements.

At Barker Manufacturing Inc, our palette is not limited to the textures we have developed. We are always looking for new challenges and new ways for us to bring the beauty of texture to the world.

If you are working on a building addition or renovation project and need to match a texture from the existing structure to that of the new, we can help. ¬†With years of experience working with textures across a wide range of materials (from wood to concrete to titanium), we’re confident that we’ll be able to duplicate any texture, no matter how complex.

Similarly, if you have a specific look in your mind’s eye, and none of our existing textures quite fit the bill, Barker Manufacturing is always happy to create a new custom texture to meet your project’s demands. Some of our best and most popular textures have been born from the minds of our creative customers.

texture sample