Reclaimed Wood

Whether your design requires naturally-weathered reclaimed wood, or even new wood that is treated to give the appearance of reclaimed wood while maintaining the quality of new, Barker Manufacturing can do it all.

Typically, the "reclaimed wood look" is created using wood sourced from demolished structures. At Barker Manufacturing we have high-quality sources of this naturally-weathered reclaimed wood, but we can also use new wood to create the same look using our proprietary weathering technique.

Natural Reclaimed Wood

The following examples use high-quality reclaimed wood, naturally weathered and salvaged from local sources.  For designers looking for a source of highly-sustainable reclaimed wood, our Natural Reclaimed Wood is as "green" as it gets.

Natural Reclaimed Wood @ Tap & Barrel Restaurant

Natural Reclaimed Wood @ Fol Epi Patisserie

Fol Epi Bakery & Coffee House

> Fol Ebi Patisserie

Examples of our Reclaimed Wood Boards

Natural Reclaimed Wood Floor Panels, Wall Panels, Doors & Column Wraps

Nouveau Reclaimed Wood

Our "Nouveau Reclaimed Wood" millwork actually uses all new wood treated with one of our two special weathering techniques, providing the appearance of "old" while maintaining the quality of "new".

Nouveau: Circular Saw Kerf Accent

The original, where we accent the circular saw kerf of the board.  The circular saw sawmills were used during the 1800's up until (approximately) the 1950's.  These were replaced by high-production bandsaw mills, which are much faster and waste less wood due to the thinner blades (kerf width).  The idea of using this circular saw kerf is that it is readily interpreted as an "old" lumber sawing technique.

Nouveau: Grain Accent

Our new grain accent technique involves accenting the grain of the wood.  As wood ages the grain of the lumber becomes more pronounced.  Using a palette of colours that mimic this natural aging process, our treated lumber closely resembles reclaimed wood that has been weathered by the outdoor elements.

Nouveau Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels & Doors