Burnt Wood Adze Texture

The Renaissance

The "Rensaissance" collection of our burnt wood adze textures begins with each board being carved using elongated scoops, creating a subtle wavy surface.

As with all our burnt wood textures, we apply a special clear coat treatment to this wood, ensuring our burnt wood texture is always clean to the touch and very tactile.  After completely burning the surface of the board it is then coated in a deep, rich, charcoal finish.


Blending Burnt Renaissance with our Natural Reclaimed Wood product, Starbucks was able to create a beautiful design for one of Edmonton's busiest and most high profile locations.

Dental Office

Burnt Renaissance wall panels create beautiful contrast with the accent colours in the decor of this stunning dental office.


The exterior of this luxury residence features Burnt Renaissance to create a dramatic effect that really makes the home stand out.


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