Burnt Wood
phoenix collection

The "Phoenix" collection of our burnt wood adze textures is a textured surface that is very unique, with deep gouges that create an amazing, undulating surface.

As with all our burnt wood textures, we apply a special clear coat treatment to this wood, ensuring our burnt wood texture is always clean to the touch, and very tactile.

The "Phoenix" is a burned version of our "Texture T21DFSB", which is then treated in one of three different ways: Charcoal, Brushed and Highlight.


Burnt Phoenix Highlight

As seen at 2017 International Contemporary Furniture Show, New York

Burnt Charcoal tabletop with epoxy surface.

Burnt Phoenix: Charcoal finish tabletop with epoxy surface.


> Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken

PHOENIX Charcoal

The surface is completely burned, then surface coated in a deep, rich charcoal finish.



Like the "Phoenix Charcoal", the surface is completely burned, but with "Phoenix Brushed", the surface is then brushed, which leaves a beautiful, rich and dramatic surface.


PHOENIX Highlight

With "Phoenix Highlight", only the high points of the textured surface are burned, leaving each board with a stunning and unique pattern of burned grain.


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