Burnt Wood Adze Texture

Our collections of burnt wood adze texture provide an original & dramatic effect that can add warmth & interest to your next project.

Combining adze texture and fire, our new burnt wood millwork collections were born.

Our Burnt Wood line of textures is available in two unique and stunning collections, The Phoenix, and The Renaissance. Each collection can be finished in a variety of ways, each providing a completely different look for your new design project.

In all of our Burnt Wood collections, the wood is treated with a special clear coat application, ensuring our burnt wood texture is always clean to the touch, and very tactile.


Burnt Charcoal tabletop with epoxy surface.

Burnt Phoenix: Charcoal finish tabletop with epoxy surface.


The Phoenix

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The Renaissance

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Our new Sandblasted wood product is sandblasted and painted black and gray to mimic the look of burnt wood.

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